What do I do when a neighbor I don’t know well passes away?

As some of you know, my husband and I just moved into a new (to us) house a couple of months ago. We’ve only met a few of the neighbors, but the ones we met have seemed very friendly and welcoming.

Tonight, I found out that one of the neighbors two doors down just died this weekend. I only met this lady twice. She had two little dogs and a cat she walked each night. She was very nice, and she spent a good forty-five minutes talking to me and letting me know about the neighborhood. She attended the little Methodist church down the street and invited Nolan and me to come to visit some time to get to know the other folks in our small community.

And that leads me to my question: What should I do for the family? I don’t know the family very well — and I only met the woman twice, but I would like to do something nice for them to let the family know that their new neighbors down the street care about them and are sorry for their loss.

I would love any suggestions you might have for me. I am not sure what Emily Post says about the passing of neighbors you don’t know well.


2 thoughts on “What do I do when a neighbor I don’t know well passes away?

  1. I’m not sure if I am too late to comment, but I would say attending the funeral, unless it is expressly private is a great kindness to the family. Essentially that’s what funerals are for, to gather the people that care for a time to share their feelings. I was amazed at the people that attended my dads funeral, people I would never have expected to take the time.


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