Confessions of a Married Millennial: I’ve Never Quit a Job Before…

Today marks a monumental place in the history of one Christina Brown Garrett: I quit a job.

I’ve never quit a job before, which (I am aware) definitely shows my newness to the working world, I am sure. After working at the same acting studio for almost two years, I have decided it is indeed time for me to move on. When I got a phone call, letting me know that I had received a job as an acting instructor at a very exclusive private acting studio in Dunwoody, GA, I was thrilled.

Having lost my job as a dual English/Drama in May of that year, I was in the middle of frantically searching for another drama teaching position. I had reached out over social media to see if any of my contacts knew anything for which I may be qualified to apply, and I had gotten several responses. I applied to teach at the acting studio because I thought, “What the heck? Why not try it?”

I got the job, and it came at exactly the right time for me. I was dealing with what I then thought was a cyst in my left breast, and I was extremely anxious about the health issues I had that my doctors seemed to know nothing about.

About a week after I was offered my job at the acting studio, I was told that the biopsy of the lining of the cyst in my breast had come back cancerous. They told me it was Stage III, and I needed to begin treatment as soon as possible. I was nervous about telling my very new boss the news, but when I did, he gave me a hug and said, “Christina, you know I’m a cancer survivor too. I recently finished treatment for Lymphoma and am going on three years without recurrence.” Mr. E took me under his wing and was a wonderful support throughout my treatments. Unfortunately, he passed away this past June due to a recurrence of Lymphoma.

My stint at the acting studio came at exactly the right time for me, and now I feel that I have learned all I can from it. I feel that it is time for me to continue to focus my attention on the high school drama program that I have been building up the past couple of years, and lead my drama department on to bigger and better things.

I love being a high school drama teacher, and I have very high hopes for the high school at which I am currently teaching.


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