On Vaccinations…

The measles outbreak starting in Disneyland earlier in the year (if you have been living under a rock, click here for the article) has prompted several groups of parents to come crawling out of the woodwork, the least of which is not the “Anti-Vaxxers.” Since so many people have chimed in with their opinions on this hot-button topic, I figured I may as well add my two cents in as well.

I’m sorry, but it is extremely irritating to me to hear about all these people not getting their children vaccinated because they are “conscientious objectors” to vaccines. I can understand not getting your child vaccinated because of religious or medical reasons, but citing outdated evidence from a researcher who has since gotten his license revoked and recanted his previous stance about whether or not vaccines cause autism is NOT a good reason to refuse to get your perfectly healthy child vaccinated against deadly childhood diseases. Is it really worth putting other children, pregnant mothers, and those with a compromised immune system at risk because you have a “philosophical objection” to vaccinations?

As someone whose immune system was previously compromised, due to stringent rounds of chemotherapy for breast cancer treatment, I have an issue with this. As a parent, you absolutely have every right to refuse treatment for your own child. If you are all right with risking your own child’s death due to a deadly (and very preventable) disease, that is your own business, but it is irresponsible for you to risk other people’s health because of your objections based on outdated research.

And while I’m on the subject, I have a serious issue with politicians making vaccinations into a political issue. I absolutely believe that parents should be able to cite religious or medical reasons to not allow their child to be vaccinated, but I also feel that the state has the right to ban your child from attending public school if there is a serious health threat to him/her or other students, faculty, and staff. As an American citizen, you also have a right to homeschool your children if you do not wish to comply with the standards set forth by the state to make public school a safe environment for all those involved.

Anyway… That’s my two cents!!! Take it or leave it. I would love to hear feedback in the comments.


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