Things I Never Thought I Would Say in Class (Or Sh** I say to my students)

To follow up the blog post I wrote the other day about things my students say in class (if you missed it, click here), I would also like to write a companion blog post about things I never thought I would say to my students when I started on my quest to become a drama teacher in college. Here goes nothing (believe it or not, most of these are my high school kiddos):

“Please give her back her shoes.”

“Stop smelling her armpit, please.”

“Please get your foot out of his nose.”

“Put her down!”

“STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER! How old are you?”

“As far as I am concerned, you go home, eat cookies, and drink milk – NOPE! I don’t want to hear about it!”

“Could you stop taking selfies for a second and finish your test before the class period is over?”

“Man, schools are tough on copiers. I bet at the copier factory, all the other copiers are like, ‘Hah! You’re going to a school. Sucks to be you! I’m going to an office’.”

“Dear ————-

I am writing to inform you that today, your daughter was cutting another child’s hair in class and nicked his ear.

Please remind ————- that drama class is not an appropriate place to practice her cosmetology skills.

Thank you,

Mrs. Garrett” [An e-mail I wrote to a parent]


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